County Sheriff's Office, Ohio - Sheriff George W. Lavender, Jr.

Remote Courtroom Services

In late 2010 the Corrections Division utilized funds derived from forfeited assets at the conclusion of a criminal case to purchase and install a video conferencing system. This system is to be used by the criminal justice system to off-set the costs of transports outside of the jail facility, to make the justice process more efficient, and increase safety and security. This serves the main purposes of; maintaining a level of security for the public, conserving your tax dollars by eliminating the need for extra deputies for security, and saving resources, such as, gasoline and transport vehicles.  The video court system is used for various court proceedings and can be utilized by the Adult Parole Authority and Ross County Adult Probation. The video court is utilized by both the  Ross County Court of Common Pleas and Chillicothe Municipal Court.

 Below are some photographs of the new system. 


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