Ross County Sheriff's Office, Ohio 
	- Sheriff George W. Lavender, Jr.


The Ross County Jail has added some new medical equipment to better care of the inmates and to ease the burden of the taxpayers of Ross County, one of which is our Telemedicine Unit. This piece of technology allows the jail nursing staff to connect to hospitals and doctors anywhere in the world. The inmate can give information and  health vitals in "real time" and even X-rays across the internet to the hospital or doctor. This reduces the response time in the event of a medical emergency and eliminates medical and transport costs to and from the hospital or doctors office. By using this technology the sheriffs office is saving the ever important taxpayers dollars. Below are some photographs of our unit.

As you can see the Inmate would sit or lay on the exam seat and the nursing staff would apply the necessary sensors and diagnostic equipment to the inmate and the Telemedicine Unit would share that information with the doctor or hospital.

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