Sheriff Sales


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Exciting News! The Ross County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Sales will be completed via online with The

State of Ohio granted the contract to as indicated by ORC:

Section 2329.153 | Official public sheriff sale web site; integrated auction management system.

 To view the auctions, visit and click on the Sheriff Sale link. The link will direct you to site

Please visit the RealAuction sales site to create your account. Once you have created your account, you will be able to explore the web page and receive information.  RealAuction will provide online sales education, FAQ, and training classes. To contact RealAuction by phone, please call 954-734-7401 or 877-361-7325. Please note; to bid, a plaintiff in a case will need to create an account also.

Important information:  Properties will be open for proxy bidding seven (7) days prior to the sale date. Anyone who would like to bid, must create / open a RealAuction account and deposit a down payment appropriate to the property appraised value you intend on bidding on. You may keep deposits in your account for future bidding or request a refund by calling RealAuction. Please note; deposits are based on the appraised amount, please see required deposit amounts below:


Appraised amount $0 to $10,000.00 = DEPOSIT OF $2,000.00


Appraised amount $10,000 TO $200,000.00 = DEPOSIT OF $5,000.00


Appraised amount $200,000.00 AND ABOVE = DEPOSIT OF $10,000.00


All deposits are wired directly to RealAuction. Wire transfers must be made two (2) days prior to the sale (MONDAY by 5pm) and ACH transfers must be made five (5) days prior to the sale (WEDNESDAY BY 4PM). Without a deposit amount in your account, you are unable to bid.

If you are a successful bidder, money will be electronically deposited from your RealAuction account to the Sheriff’s bank on the day of the sale. The initial deposits will not be accepted at the office. If you are not a successful bidder, your deposit can remain in your account for future bidding or you may request a refund by contacting Real Auction at 954-734-7401 or 877-361-7325.

Purchaser, you are required to complete a Purchaser Information Form prior to the sale through your account with The form will be used to complete post sale paperwork including the deed. Exact information is needed with name or names including middle initials or LLC’s and the Tax mailing address. Do not use the address of the property that was just purchased, your personal or business address is to be used. The form cannot be changed after the sale. All deeds will be a Sheriff’s Deed. The Sheriff’s Office cannot make a Survivorship, Quick Claim, General Warranty Deed or a Special Warranty Deed. You have the right to get a new deed and have it recorded once the Sheriff’s Deed is transferred into the name of the purchaser.

Not all Orders of Sales will be issued to this office. The Plaintiff has the option to use other online auction sites called PSO’s. PSOs are independent sales sites that the State of Ohio has given the Plaintiff, in the case, the opportunity to sell the properties.   Unfortunately, the Ross County Sheriff’s Office will not be able to offer you any assistance with any information on these cases. The Ross County Sheriff’s Office coordinates completing the property appraisal and returns the appraisal to the courts. Visit the Ross County Clerk of Courts website at for information on cases as future advertisements, days and times of sales are unknown. You will need to know the defendants name or the case number to search.  If the sale you are interested in is not listed on the Ross County Sheriff’s Office page, it will not be sold through this office.



1.   Order of Sale issued to the Sheriff’s Office by the Clerk of Courts

2.   An exterior only appraisal is completed and returned to the Clerk of Courts. Interior conditions are unknown and are not part of the appraised amount.

3.   Sale dates are set and the information is sent to RealAuction

4.   The paperwork is given to the Chillicothe Gazette for scheduled advertising dates. The OFFICAL and LEGAL advertising will always be published on Thursdays for three (3) consecutive weeks prior to the sale.

5.   To view set sales, please visit the Ross County Sheriff’s Office web page at for sales that are set. Other online advertisements for foreclosures, are NOT given information from this Office. (Examples of other online ads from: Zillow,, trulia).

6.   Title search; In real estate business and law, a title search or property title search is the process of examining public records and retrieving documents on the history of a piece of real property to determine and confirm property's legal ownership, and to find out what claims or liens are on the property. A title search is also performed when an owner wishes to mortgage property and the bank requires the owner to insure this transaction. You have the ability to complete a title search by using the Clerk of Courts Docket and the Recorders Office or you may hire a title search company to complete your search.

7.   On sale day, we will follow the sales online, complete all the required paperwork and wait for the

deposited money to be transferred to our bank from RealAuction.

8.   Following all sales, the Sale Conformation must be created by an attorney for the mortgage company and the assigned Judge has reviewed and signed it.

9.   A deed that has been completed by an attorney, is received approximately sixty (60) to ninety (90) days after the Sale date. All deeds from a Sheriff Sale are a Sheriff’s Deed. The deed does not guarantee all liens have been released from the property. A Title Search is highly recommended to be completed prior to the sale date.

10. Once the Deed is signed and notarized, contact will be made with the purchaser and the remainder of the purchase price will be due by a Certified Bank Check made payable to the Ross County Sheriff’s Office. No electronic payments will be accepted for the final payment.

11. The final and initial down payment will be added together for the complete purchase price. After complete purchase price and deposits are confirmed, a check will be distributed to the Courts.

12. Tenants’ rights; if the tenant or occupants are still residing in the property, after the sale and until the deed is transferred, they have exclusive rights to the property. You are not permitted to enter, change the locks or alter the property in any way. Once the deed is transferred in the purchasers name and the occupants are still in the property you will need to obtain a Writ of Possession through the Ross County Common Pleas Clerk of Courts. Once the document is delivered to the Sheriff’s Office we will serve the occupants and they will have thirty (30) days to vacate the property.

13. Once the property is legally yours, utilities may be changed over and you may gain entry access.

Keys are not provided to this office, you will have to use whatever means to gain access.