Ross County Sheriff's Office, Ohio 
- Sheriff George W. Lavender, Jr.


Rehabilitation Services

       To incarcerate a individual for their crimes is not enough, as a correctional institution  it is our mission to rehabilitate the offender to make them a better functioning member of society.  Your Sheriff's Office has specially trained Deputies to train these offenders to make them feel like there is something more out there for them than jail or prison. Please click on the button to see our Rehabilitation Services Manual.

Rehabilitative Services Manual

Programming Schedule

Below are Photographs of the Deputies and staff  involved with Rehabilitation Services
                          Brandy Morris-Hafner Sgt. Bill Cox                       
                             Terry Collins Re-Entry Center
                           Day Reporting Administrator
  Terry Collins Re-Entry Center
Day Reporting Case Manager
Inside The Terry Collins Re-Entry Center.  
Below are so images of our newly renovated classroom inside the jail.  
The classroom is equipped with PCs for GED testing courses and other classes where a pc is required. Lecture courses are lead by specially trained staff from the jail and volunteers from the community.  

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