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  • The road division is responsible for patrolling Ross County, enforcing all laws and answering calls for service. Ross County, being the second largest county in Ohio in terms of area, has been divided into five districts to assure rapid response times and high visibility to deter crimes. By dividing the county into districts and assigning the same deputies to work these districts on a daily basis, residents become familiar with the deputy and vice-versa. This allows the deputies to become more familiar with the problems associated within the districts and provides a good link to information.


    The Road Patrol Sergeants

    Sgt. Shane Cox Sgt. Carl Lawhorn
    Sgt. Roger Hyden Sgt. Brett McKnight
    Lt. Kevin Pierce Sgt. Mont Steele

    Road Patrol Deputies
    Dep. Amanda Angles Dep. Max Adair
    Dep. Andrew Campbell Dep. Shane Daubenmire
    Dep. Rick Torchick Dep. Brenton Davidson
    Dep. John D. Weber Dep. Jason Gallagher
    Dep. Jenna Hornyak Dep. Erick Kocheran
    Dep. Terry Rose Dep. Zack Ray

    Dep. Matthew Kidwell Dep. Craig Montgomery
    Dep. Big Mac K9 Unit Dep. Shadow K9 Unit
    Dep. Ilka K9 Unit  
    Sheriff Communications   
    Dep. Angie Stewart  Dep. Brandy Fry 
    Dep. Keith Knox  Dep. Jennifer Raypole
    Dep. Traci Vititoe Dep. Alizabeth Sparks
    Dep. Calee Smith   
      Not Pictured:
    Nancy Haggard
    Amanda Simmons

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