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Ross County Seeking Community Input on Emergency Medical Services Delivery in Ross County




      Ross County and the City of Chillicothe through the Ross County Emergency Management agency have joined to provide a new mass notification system. Subscribers can receive voice, text and or email alerts. This will be used to provide weather warnings, emergency notifications and other notifications that may affect the safety and wellbeing of Ross County residents, employees, employers and visitors. Anyone can subscribe to this service. The service is free to all subscribers.

The enrollment form has an address field that is required but it does not have to be a Ross County address.

Subscription Link:

To view the Ross County Sheriff's Office retention schedule click HERE

Internet Scams
Lately citizens have been getting emails from someone posing as Bank of America. The email says that different computers have tried to log into the persons account with multiple password failures. The email is asking you to reconfirm your account information.  If you don't, your account will be suspended indefinitely.   If you get this email or similar emails, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION , DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER, OR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER A credit card company should never email you for your account information