Ross County Jr. Deputies Program

         The Ross County Junior Deputies have made a comeback from the 1970's. The Program was started in 1965 by the Ohio Buckeye Sheriff's Association. The Program has started and stopped several times over the years due to budget cuts and participation. In 1996 the Ross County Junior Deputies made a comeback. Now under the Leadership of  Deputy Larry Throckmorton with the assistance of Deputy Tracy Pinkerton, the program is moving forward. The Junior Deputy Program is to help better the kids and to get them ready for possible careers in law enforcement. 
         A yearly activity for them is the Ross County Fair . You will also see them in November passing out flyers for their annual can food drive and then the next weekend picking up the food and delivering it to the local food bank.  Other events that take place throughout the year is training in First Aid , CPR,  Fingerprinting, Gun Safety and actual shooting at the local range and many other activities that law enforcement officers use in their jobs.


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