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Offender Educational and Self Help Programs

     Although many of the crimes are the same, punishment for offenders has changed throughout the history of Ross County.  It was not uncommon for an offender to be bound out to labor for not more than seven years if outstanding fines were not paid.  Offenders could also be sentenced to be branded with a red-hot iron for serious offenses or to be sentenced to the whipping post for less serious offenses.

     Today, The Ross County Jail has placed a priority on safe streets through  rehabilitative services for incarcerated offenders.  Through proven best practices incarcerated offenders can attend General Education Development (G.E.D.) sessions and obtain their equivalency diploma.  Safe Harbors Substance Abuse Counseling sessions are conducted weekly and can be attended on a volunteer basis.  Incarcerated individuals can also attend Cognitive Behavior Sessions; such as, Thinking for a Change and Strategies for Success.  These sessions are designed to provide the offender with the tools to make the right choice when faced with difficult decisions.

This program is conducted by specially trained Deputies
 and local volunteers dedicated to helping the offender succeed after their incarceration.



Deputy Bill Cox
Deputy Matt Large
  Deputy Phil Rutherford

  There are new programs that has been introduced to offenders, the option for them to learn from their mistakes and better themselves by enrolling in these programs. The offender can enroll in a GED program and/or self help programs such as substance abuse or life skills learning. This is made possible through grants and volunteers, and is not using tax payers dollars.
For the GED Program offenders are issued learning materials in a classroom setting along with access to PC learning. The offenders are taught the basics of reading, writing and math skills.
For the Substance Abuse Programs, offenders are taught about what substance abuse is and gives them the chance to talk about their experiences with a substance in a class room setting. This lets the offender know that there are other people that are dealing with similar problems and that they are not alone. 

Below are some photographs of the most recent graduating class in 2011

Congratulatory speech conducted by Jail Administrator; Chief Deputy T.J. Hollis.

One of the offenders receiving her Certificate.


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