Ross County Sheriff's Office, Ohio - Sheriff George W. Lavender, Jr.

Ross County Sheriff's Office Online Incident Reporting By submitting this report you declare this to be a true and accurate statement. Submission of known false information is subject to criminal prosecution.

Incident Reporting Form

(For accident reporting please press back button)

Instructions on submitting an Incident report. (Note, you now will need to have Adobe Acrobat 11 installed on your PC to open the Incident Report. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat 11 you may download it HERE)

Please review steps before downloading and completing.

Please click HERE to download and complete the Incident Form

1. Download the appropriate form. Once you download the form, you may be prompted to open the document into another program. This notification will appear in the top right hand corner of your page. Click on "Open in another program".  Chose Adobe Acrobat, the form will then be opened to be fillable. Continue on to step 2

2. Fill out the information on the form, then save the form to your computer. Save it to "My Document" folder  (This is so you can send the form as an Email attachment plus have a copy for your records.)

3. Click HERE to email and attach the form. (you will be emailing the form as an attachment)

4. Once attached, Email the form. (after you have submitted the form, open your email program to make sure that it is not still in your out box, if it is, click the send/receive button on your email software.)


Online email users,  (ex) Yahoo or Gmail, or Hotmail

1.Copy and paste the following email addresses into you recipient box on your email;;


2.  Attach the completed form as an attachment, the click send.