County Sheriff's Office, Ohio - Sheriff George W. Lavender, Jr.


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~Sheriff George  Lavender~  ~ Staff Capt. Glenn Detty~ ~Major Jon Long~
~Staff Capt. Dennis McKeever~ ~Brandy Morris~
~Chief Deputy T.J. Hollis~ ~ Staff Capt. Mike Preston~ ~Det. Joey Addy~ ~Lt. Kevin Pierce~ ~Sgt. Bill Cox~
~Lt. Col. Cheryl Ray~
~Lt. Matt Large~ ~Det. Tony Wheaton~ ~Lt. Kevin Claypool~
~Dep. Tracy Pinkerton~
~Jon Dick, Case Manager~ ~Det. John Winfield~ ~Dispatch Center~  
~Dep. Andrea Mougey~

~Dep. Linda Meadows~
~Sgt. Mont Steele~
~Dep. Dave Weber~

~Det. Martin Brooks~ ~Sgt. Andrew Campbell~  
~ Dep. Emily Schmidt~
Administrative Assistant

  ~Sgt. Max Adair~  
~Dep. Jennifer Layne~

  ~Sgt. Shane Cox~  
~Dep. Pam Scholl~     ~Sgt. Shane Daubenmire~  
~Dep. Michelle McBee~  
~Evidence Room~        
~Dep. Vicki Hall~        
~Dep. J.R. Brooks~        
~Dep. Amanda Rulman~