Ross County Sheriff's Office, Ohio - Sheriff George W. Lavender Jr.


The Communications Center is responsible for responding to and  dispatching 911 calls, radio traffic with Sheriff's cruisers and dispatching Fire and EMS personnel. If necessary, they also make calls to Med Flight of Ohio when a helicopter is needed.

Sheriff's Office Communications personnel also utilize computer mapping to pinpoint a callers locations when an emergency 911 call is placed. Emergency 911 calls from a cellular and digital telephones account of over 70% of the 911 calls. Checking for vehicle and driver information plus handling TDD calls are also included in their duties.

The Communications Division is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The personnel of the Communications Division are a special type of person capable of multitasking with excellent people skills. A dispatcher never knows if the next 911 call they answer will be "my baby is not breathing" to "my house is on fire".


The Communications Division is a vital part of the Ross County Sheriff's Office. This Division is open 24 hours a day  365 days a year. Good people skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks are a plus for working as a Dispatcher.


Communications Division

Dep. Nancy Haggard Dep. Keith Knox Dep. Brandy Fry
Dep. Brenda Palmer Dep. Jennifer Hancock  
Dep. Sara Logan Dep. Tabitha Parks  
Dep. Kristen Uhrig Dep. Angie Stewart  

 Above:  Communications Deputies are  dispatching a  911 call in the Dispatch Center.
Above is one of the mobile MARCs radio units that the deputies carry for communications. These digital radios can communicate statewide with many other state and local agencies the Sheriff's Office also have base radio units in their cruisers and other vehicles.  

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