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Training Division is responsible for making sure all deputies receive proper training in order to comply with state mandates and to maintain certification. Using specially trained officers, in-house training is conducted in a variety of areas, including firearms, chemical agents, unarmed self defense, CPR, first-aid, and fire safety. The Ross County Sheriff's Office has developed strong relationships with support agencies in the community which has allowed us to receive training in specialized areas. The Scioto-Paint Valley mental health Center and Adena Regional Medical Center have provided training to the Corrections and Road Patrol divisions in dealing with people who suffer from mental problems and other medical conditions.

Dep. Matt Large & Dep. J.R. Brooks
Computer Specialists

Computer Technology division is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding all computer related equipment for the Ross County Sheriff's Office. Implementing new technology has allowed the department to run more efficiently by reducing officer downtime due to paperwork. In 2001 the department began using digital cameras in the road patrol division to obtain photographic evidence; using these cameras allows the deputies to instantly view pictures to assure they instantly meet their needs. The cameras have also saved thousands of dollars as they do not require processing and can be printed out as needed. Other recent additions have been upgrading the laptops used by the road patrol division and 911 mapping software which allows dispatchers and road patrol units to pin point addresses received from 911 calls and map the most efficient route.

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