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  • The Ross County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce we have finished the training for CARE TRAK, a radio transmission tracking system. This system is used to track down lost Alzheimer's Patients or Special needs children and adults.
  • We are the FIRST in the State Of Ohio to implement this program. We are also the trainers for other agencies in Ohio and have begun training many. Only 6 other states are currently using the system.
  • Money used money from a special fund to purchase the basic equipment for this Program.
    We gladly except donations. If a family can not afford to be on this program we use donated money to pay for there service.
  • Hunting a missing Alzheimer's Patient can generally take up to 50 people. Using tracking dogs, helicopters and possibly an airplane. After 24 hours if the person is NOT found it drops their chances of being found down to 49%. But using Project Lifesaver the average was 22 minutes
    and 2 trained Officers. SAVING a lot of money and time.
  • Each person in the program will receive a bracelet to be worn. The bracelet has a transmitter in it. This is how the special receiver  purchased will help find the missing people. The battery is replaced every 30 days by one of our trained professionals.

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