Ross County Sheriff's Office, Ohio - Sheriff George W. Lavender Jr.


Ross County Sheriff's Office Information Technologies Department

Dep. J.R. Brooks Lt.  Kevin Claypool




 The Ross County Sheriff’s Office’s I.T. Department is administered by Lt. Kevin Claypool,  and   Dep. J.R. Brooks.  The Ross County Sheriff’s Office has become much more reliant on information technology than ever before.  The I.T. Department is tasked with handling the records, jail, and dispatch records management system. Along with the day to day tasks and IT demands of the office. Including cloud services, domain administration ,data storage, and security of network and data.  The IT department is also responsible for maintaining video evidence, computer evidence, any and all electronic evidence collected at the scene.  The responsibilities of the IT department are.

·         Records system

·         Body cameras

·         Basic computing needs of the staff

·         Computerized commissary ordering for inmates

·         Computerized inmate phone calls

·         Digital photograph uploads and collection.

·         Submitting and collecting video of jail incidents

·         Telephone System

·         LEADS

·         911 Interface along with mapping

Below are some Photographs of the  newest technology in use by your Ross County Sheriff's Office.

Body Cameras  
M.A.R.C's Radio  (Front) M.A.R.C's Radio (Back)