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Contact the Fraud Division:  E-mail Fraud Division

The Fraud Division investigates and recovers bad checks, investigates fraud, handles evictions and does set-outs and handles Sheriff sales.
Phone: 773-1186 ext. 114

Dep. Glenn Price ~Civil Investigator who handles set-outs and is the appraiser for the Sheriff sales. Deputy Price also is in charge of taking pictures of all homes to be auctioned at the Sheriff sales.
Phone: 773-1186 ext. 165

Dep. Tony Wheaton~ Manages the Bad Checks division.
Phone: 773-1186 ext. 172

*The Fraud Division asks any business in the county that receives a bad check from someone to please call the person first and try to solve the issue of non payment. IF, after that you have not been able to resolve the situation and collect payment then please bring the check in to the office to Dep. Tony Wheaton. There is a form you must fill out when bringing in the check. They will do all they can to help collect but please bare in mind we are not a collection agency. If you have any questions please feel free to call.

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