Ross County Sheriff's Office, Ohio - Sheriff George W. Lavender Jr.  


The Ross County Sheriff's Office Detective Division consists of:

  Captain Michael Preston     ~E-mail~

Det. Tony Wheaton    ~E-mail~
Det. Jason Gannon     ~E-mail~

Det. Joey Addy            ~E-mail~
Det. Max Adair            ~E-mail~
Det. Martin Brooks     ~E-Mail~







Detective Joey Addy


Detective Tony Wheaton


Detective Max Adair



Detective Martin Brooks



      A road deputy responds to calls and tries to solve the case then and there. But not all cases are so easily solved. The Detective Division of the Ross County Sheriff's Office handles all cases that need further investigation. Homicides, burglaries, sexual assault cases and sexual child abuse are just some of the cases handed over to the Detective Division. All cases are thoroughly investigated then the Detectives document all their efforts and findings to present to the Prosecutors Office. Everything is evidence until the case is solved, and no case is closed until it is solved.

Polygraph Examinations are an important part of a criminal investigation and are done by Det. Tony Wheaton at the Detective Division of the Ross County Sheriff's Office.

US 23 Pipeline Drug Task Force was started here in Ross County and is funded by State and Federal grant money. Commander of the US 23 Pipeline Drug Task Force.  Major Jon Long  oversees the multi county fight on drugs. ~E mail the Drug Task Force~


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